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News and Events

CGCIA Workshop11-12. January 2011
Exploring possibilities for joint activities in the field of Impact Assessment and Land Use Changes

A CGCIA workshop was held on January 12th 2011 at ZALF. Partners from the University of Hohenheim, TU, Braunschweig, IAMO, TU Dresden, PT-Jülich, ICRAF and ZALF participated in this meeting. The aim of this workshop was to exchange current research activities in the field of impact assessment and land use and to further consolidate research partners involved in the CGCIA network. A follow up CGCIA workshop is planned for March 2011 in Beijing, China. back

Presentations of the CGCIA workshop 12. January 2011

Wednesday, January 12th  2011
Title File
Katharina Helming, ZALF
Das CGCIA - Hintergründe, Motivation und Möglichkeiten pdf
Stefan Brosig, IAMO
Economic Dynamics and Social Equilibrium in Rural China pdf
Gunnar Lischeid, LWH, ZALF
Impact of soil and land management on groundwater recharge and solute leaching in the Hai river basin pdf
Lulu Zhang, Tharandt/Dresden
Eco-hydrological response to changes in land-use and climate in the Jinghe Basin, Northwest China pdf
Marco Roelcke, TU Braunschweig
„Nitrogen Management“ und pdf
„Recycling“ in China – BMBF Projects pdf
Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, ICRAF China
Developing carbon and biodiversity assets for multifunctional landscapes in the Upper Mekong region pdf
Gerhard Langenberger, Uni-Hohenheim
Living Landscapes in China - LILAC pdf
Zhanli Sun, IAMO
Assessing Payment for Ecosystem Services in China pdf
Hannes König, ZALF Direktorat: FoPIA – A framework for participatory impact assessment of SLCP induced land use changes in Western China pdf
Katharina Helming, ZALF EU Fördermöglichkeiten in China pdf
Reiner Doluschitz, Uni-Hohenheim: Internationales Graduiertenkolleg "Modellierung von Stoffflüssen und
Produktionssystemen für eine nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung in
intensiven Acker- und Gemüsebausystemen in der nordchinesischen Tiefebene" (769)

Agenda Workshop 12.01.2011 (pdf)

Flyer CGCIA (pdf)