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News and Events

2014 Asia Global Land Project Conference 
in Taipei, Taiwan


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The Asia GLP Conference 2014 will not only invited the GLP member scientists from all around the world but also open for non-GLP researchers and academics with expertise of land planning, ecosystem management and related fields. This will enable:

  • the international sharing of the latest research finding, information and experiences on sustainable land-use and ecosystem management.
  • the provision of an effective platform for both academic exchange and promoting the research achievement of Taiwan to gain the international reputation on the land related sciences

Expert Workshop: “Impact assessment of land use scenarios in Inner Mongolia, China”

Our workshop aims to contribute to the development of sustainable-oriented land management strategies that are based on both, stakeholder’s perceptions and expert knowledge.

Inner Mongolia has been selected for our study as this region is particularly challenged by highly dynamic land use changes. Nomadic pastoralism turns into an industrialized agro-pastoralism, raising questions of:

  • How will land use look like in the future?
  • What will be the consequences of future land uses on the sustainable development?

The impacts of land transformations are manifold. With the yet on‐going trend of land intensification, changes of land use are expected under China’s growing economy and in societal demands on ecosystem services.

For more information please download the workshop flyer or contact Dr. Hannes König, Email: hkoenig(at)

Resources of the agro-pastoral transition zone of Inner Mongolia grasslands: Challenges and opportunities for ‘marginal lands’

The envisaged Sino-German workshop will enable interdisciplinary knowledge exchange among young and established scientists on the topic entitled “Resources in the agro-pastoral transition zone of Inner Mongolia: Challenges and opportunities for ‘marginal lands’”.

Major outcome of the workshop should be the definition of chances and threats of new land-use strategies and potentials of land-use change scenarios for grassland ecotones, which are located in or adjacent to the APTZ of Inner Mongolia. The meeting intends to show recent and multifunctional effects of land-use changes and to project strategies of “sustainable land-use intensification”, including environmental and socio-economic effects on ecosystems and local farmers.

For more information please download the workshop flyer

Conference: The 8th International Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development in Mongolian Plateau and Surrounding Regions
Synopsis: China and Mongolia have been holding the international conference annually to promote bilateral academic exchange and cooperation on the issues of environment and sustainable development in Mongolian Plateau and surrounding regions since 2005.

Household survey and workshop in West Ujimqin Banner, Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia, China
Synopsis: This field work including (1) Household survey by structural questionnaire; (2) Work shop. The purpose of this field work was assess and quantify the information regarding the ecological, economical, and socio-cultural importance of Inner Mongolia grassland transects of China in order to contribute to integrated environmental management mechanism.

  1. Demonstration the impact of ecosystem degradation on human well-being, such as survival material, health and safety
  2. Demonstration the impact the climate and environmental changes
  3. Reveal the effect of climate, human activities, such as changes of climate, policy, consumption pattern and land use on maintain and conservation of ecosystem.
  4. Exploit the Impact of policies on land use changes on local herders, and how the local herders adopted this situation.

Date: 24th July - 4th August, 2012
Venue: West Ujimqin Banner, Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia, China
Participants: Zhen Lin, Yan Huimin, Du Bingzhen, Sun Chuanzhun, Chen Weina (IGSNRR), Aranka Podhora (ZALF); Clyde Goulden (Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia)

Chinese-German Centre for Impact Assessment (CGCIA) – IGSNRR workshop, Beijing
Research Collaboration on Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes and Ecosystem Services Policies and Management

02 November 2011, Beijing, P.R. China, IGSNRR
Venue: Conference Room 2321, CAS

Presentations of the CGCIA workshop
Invitation and Background

CGCIA Workshop participants

The 7thInternational Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development in the Mongolian Plateau and Surrounding Regions

August 28 -31, 2011, Beijing & Hohhot, P.R. China
2011年8月28 ~ 31日,中国北京、呼和浩特

Venue:Room 2602, IGSNRR, CAS

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CGCIA Workshop11-12. January 2011
Exploring possibilities for joint activities in the field of Impact Assessment and Land Use Changes

A CGCIA workshop was held on January 12th 2011 at ZALF. Partners from the University of Hohenheim, TU, Braunschweig, IAMO, TU Dresden, PT-Jülich, ICRAF and ZALF participated in this meeting. The aim of this workshop was to exchange current research activities in the field of impact assessment and land use and to further consolidate research partners involved in the CGCIA network. A follow up CGCIA workshop is planned for March 2011 in Beijing, China.

The 8th IALE World Congress - Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture
18 -23 August 2011, Beijing, China

IALE provides an infrastructure as a world wide organization of landscape ecologists, which serves as a discussion platform and stimulates interaction across the disciplines. IALE will create an infrastructure to make it easy for landscape ecologists to contact each other and to know about current developments in landscape ecology around the world (

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FONA - 7th BMBF Forum for Sustainability, Research for Sustainability – International,
2 - 4 November 2010, AXICA, Berlin

Sustainability impact assessment is a rapidly emerging concept in the scientific and policy discourse. Instruments and tools based on scientific expertise (e.g. scenarios, indicators, multi-criteria analysis, cost-benefit analysis and foresight studies) provide evidence to political decision making. Research challenges emerge when applying these tools to global sustainability issues such as, e.g. climate adaptation, water management, natural resource management and efficient energy use. Here, interdisciplinary integration has to be complemented with transdisciplinary approaches. Quantitative tools have to be backed up with qualitative methods to account for the normative notion of sustainability assessment. The workshop presents international and national research addressing sustainability impact assessment. In moderated interviews outstanding scientists from Europe, China and Latin America describe research challenges as well as implementable solutions for selected cases at regional, national and international level (

During the FONA meeting, experts discussed main differences and common aspects about sustainability impact assessment in China, Europe and Latin America

GLP - conference ‘Land Systems, global change and sustainability’
October 17-19 2010, Arizona, USA

The aim of the GLP meeting was to bring together large parts of the international research community working on land change issues, showcase the width and scope of ongoing research, help build a community in this highly interdisciplinary field, inspire new research and facilitate review, theory building and extrapolation ( A joint session was lead by ZALF (Dr. Katharina Helming) and IGSNRR (Prof. Lin Zhen) about “Tools and methods for impact assessment of land use policies” with scientific contributions from China, Latin America and the EU.
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